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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moscow's Seven Sisters

After a couple of hours being driven through Moscow, you realised that you seemed to be having a dejavu. There is a building which you thought you have seen before and you keep seeing again and again. It was only when you asked when you realised it is more or less the same designed building being built all over Moscow.

Called the seven sisters are seven Stalinist skyscrapers in Moscow, Russia. They were built 1947-1953 in an elaborate combination of Russian Baroque and Gothic styles, and the early twentieth century technology of American skyscrapers. It was said that Stalin wanted to show the Americans that their Empire State Building is no big deal. He was going to build a few of these skyscrapers instead of just one which the Americans built. He planned for eight but he only managed to build seven (I know only of 4 - Moscow State University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hotel Ukraina and another hotel).

Everytime we see one, I wasn't sure which seven it is as we keep seeing one. Anyway, here are photos of five of those sisters - it could be less. It could just be one - the same one taken from many different angles. I can't tell anymore. (Actually each building is different but it would take many more days in Moscow to tell the differences.)

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