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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bus Stops in Brunei

I thought this was an interesting cartoon on Brunei Times. There have been many occasions when buses don't stop at busstops. They stopped everywhere else but at the bus stops. Some poeple put it down to laziness or the chinchai attitude of the driver and the passengers - wanting to be too convenient. Turun saja whenever they wanted.

The thing is not many of us Bruneians take buses. We have many experiences of going on buses - in London or in other countries but back in Brunei, not many have the experience of going on buses. In London, I remembered the bus stops were like 200 to 250 meters apart. I remembered in New York, it was somewhere in that region. The ones in Brunei are like a kilometer apart. The difference is huge and for that reason, that's why passengers stop the buses at whenever they find it convenient. Should we then build more bus stops?

The obvious answer is yes. But then you would also realised that there are many places on the roads where there is not enough space to build bus stops. So that now means that whenever we build roads, we have to remember to given enough space to the bus stops. Perhaps, if we build more bus stops, making them more accessible, perhaps we can persuade more and more people to take buses.

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