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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Faith - Be Careful of Deviation

I had a chat with my sister yesterday and the subject turned towards the black deviationist magician on Thursday's BB. We were wondering why on earth would anyone believe that these people can do anything. But then when I think about the pyramid scam schemes etc, we are pretty gullible people sometimes. Not to mention when we are financially distressed and someone jangled a little hope in front of us, then the temptation to believe in anything is there.

My sis told me that when she attended a strengthening Aqidah course at the Islamic Dakwah Centre and one of the course materials included a list of deviationist groups that has ever operated in Brunei. I thought the list was interesting as I did not know much about it and I thought I will spread a little bit of this knowledge.

BABIYYAH or BAHA'IYYAH - Leader: Mirza Muhammad Ali and Mirza Hussein Ali - the group claimed that they received another kitab called Al-Bayan and that they are here to unite all the world's religions under the Bahai Religion; also claimed to be Imam Mahdi Al-Muntazar. (Banned in Brunei in 1970)

Tarekat MUFARRDIYAH - Leader: Syeikh Muhammad bin Makmun - the group claimed there is an angel named Karakaz and that you can have him to protect you, claimed to be able to identify the pious (wali Allah) graves, claimed to be Imam Mahdi Al-Muntazar as well as Jesus. (Banned in Brunei in 1971)

QADIANI - Leader: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani - he claimed to be another prophet, claimed that Nabi Isa has risen and has migrated to Kashmir, claimed that the spirits of Nabi Isa and Nabi Muhammad has entered his soul, changed the positioning of verses in Al-Quran etc. (Banned in Brunei in 1970)

SILAT LINTAU - Leader: Ishak bin Hassan, Malaysia - claimed among others that Allah is now human through Nabi Muhammad, claimed that Allah's spirits has entered into his and his followers' souls, claimed that there are 4 kiblats when praying etc. (Banned in Brunei in 1980)

AL-ARQAM - Leader: Haji Asy'ari bin Muhammad - he claimed that Syeikh Muhammad As-Suhaimi disappeared and did not die and will rise to te Imam Mahdi Al-Muntazar, claimed that when they prayed and gathered in Yaqazah, it was attended by Nabi Muhammad dan his followers can ask for help from Syeikh Muhammad As-Suhaimi. (Banned in Brunei in 1991)

Teaching of Abdul Razak bin Muhammad - Leader: Abdul Razak bin Hj Muhammad - he claimed to be able to get a dead soul to be present, that Allah is present in the physical being of Nabi Muhammad and that he is also a prophet and claimed to have met Nabi Muhammad SAW himself. (Banned in Brunei in 1994)

Teaching of Saihoni bin Tasipan - Leader: Saihoni bin Tasipan - he claimed to be able to call a dead soul, claimed to know when the sky would be opened, claimed to know who are the prophets in Brunei and claimed to know all sorts of things. (Banned in Brunei in 2002)

Teaching of AL-MAUNAH - Leader: Md Amin bin Razali - claimed to be able to use all sorts of charms etc. (Banned in Brunei in 2002)

To avoid getting tangled into the various deviationist group, the Centre's advise is that we should hold onto the 4 of the source of Islam's teachings - Al-Quran, Hadith, Ijmak Ulama and Qias; ask and learn about the religion from the right teachers, the study the background of teachers and to avoid learning anything when the place of teaching is remote and hidden. Hopefully, we all can learn something from this.