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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The House of Nabi Muhammad SAW

On the 12th of Rabi'ul Awwal, in the year of the Elephant, our prophet Muhammad S.A.W. was born. The house of his mother, Siti Aminah was in a small village in Mecca called Syib 'Ali.

The house was not kept and for a time a mosque was built on top of it. An old photo of the mosque on where the house used to be is here. However this old photo is the only known photo of the mosque. This mosque is no longer there and on top of it has been built, a library.

Recently it has been reported that that library built on the site of the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. was also to be demolished and in its place a new library was to be bulit. According to some of the websites that I read, the original desire of the Saudi authorities was to redevelop and take down the original foundations of the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. more than 50 years ago, but luckily the site was saved. Instead a library was built around the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad SAW's house foundations and walls. Even though it is possible to visit the library inside when it is open occassionally the 1400 year old walls and artefacts have been blocked off to public access. The photograph of that library is as follows:

But even this library may not last any longer. It could have been torn down by now. Nobody seemed to know much about it.

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